Tuesday, 17 April 2012

International Drawing Project

International Drawing Project 

The project received over 6000 submissions from all over the world from which 80 artists were selected. Upon first arriving there's a shock. Where I am used to seeing A2 frames of high quality printed work from soon to be graduates, now hang what I guess to be around a hundred greyscale A4 print-outs of the most diverse collection of drawings I think I've ever seen in one space. 

I do a few laps and try to make sense of what I'm seeing. Tacked to the walls is an encyclopedia of drawing. The 10 catalogs released over the exhibition's run are a palpability of this. The work is raw and honest and untainted by commercialism. This is how the world draws. Neil Morris honors us as guest speaker and gives a presentation journeying his path through drawing and I am exposed to some radicle work the likes of which I've been unaware of up until now. The walls outside are a continuation of this, because as the days progress so does the project. The walls shift and reveal a conveyor-belt of drawing sampled from around the world, and through the greyscale A4 uniform an articulate drawing language is exposed. 

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