Monday, 14 May 2012


MiniaturesThe Miniatures exhibition has been organized and hosted by Cupola Gallery. A challenge was set to create work no larger than a £20 note. A total of 87 artists were chosen to display their work, amounting to around 200 pieces from recent graduates and those still studying. With submissions coming from as far as the 'States. 

The body of work on display is staggering. Intricate paintings, engravings and drawings make up around a third of the space. Work from Uclan Illustration's own Ritwik Das sits proudly on the wall and appears to be one of only a few illustrators in the exhibition. 

Much of the display is made 
up of sculpture, carving, craft, glass and ceramics with the remainder being abstract art of photography. There's such a wonderful variety. Not every artist manages to stand up against their neighbor on the wall, but one can tell that each artists has been selected for a reason. This is a display of work that spans disciplines, and tries to represent the young artists about to emerge from the woodwork.

Without engaging each exhibiting artist in review its somewhat difficult to surmise the standard or quality of work. However, I did enjoy my visit. I like the fact that the pieces are small, it encourages the viewer to get up-close and explore the quality of craftsmanship that has gone into the work. Personality flows through gallery, even the wonky floor plays to the honesty of the space.  I should expect that all who visit should find something to spark their imagination and hope for the  creative talent which is clearly very diverse and alive.

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