Monday, 25 July 2011

21 days later...

It has been a little over twenty days since my last post. Illness has meant I wasn't very productive for the first two weeks of that, and since that I haven't been really happy with anything that I have done. I've been working towards producing a more finished piece (non of which features below)with the original intention of perhaps submitting it to AOI this year. Nothing so far however. I will put up a bit of a selection of what I've done. It's rather random but I need to post something. I've received a little feedback lately and I have found it encouraging, I've begun work on addressing it  so at least I'll have something to post soon. Please feel free to comment, this is my only outlet for my work and the only place I can get an opinion from creatives, so anything you have to say would be appreciated.
(Apologies for the bazarr image arrangement, I cannot seem to fix it.)


  1. lovely stuff and lots of it..You put me to shame Joshua.

  2. i figure the best way to thank you for your kind comment is offer some feedback from afar :)
    i love your genuine POV,reportage look,especially the pieces with unusual colour particular the pink and purple ones,and the yellow face!am somewhat confused about the suited man being attacked with cream pies...your stuff is cool to look through.
    hope you're feeling better ^^ xx