Tuesday, 5 July 2011

"Well begun is half done"

This is a continuation of the work I posted last. I'm quite simply re-working things I sketched on the train. This saves me taking my bulky A4, ink pots and watercolours traveling and getting gawped at. I can't see past this way of working at the moment so I'm reluctantly filling sketchbooks with this sort of thing, in hope of clearing it from my system.

I have to say the worst thing about all this time off is not seeing other creatives regularly. I've taken for granted how important feedback, and just a general bouncing around of ideas can be to progress. I will make more of an effort in the future. As for the present, this rut is nothing that inky fingers and sore thumbs cannot fix. It's time to get back to the sketch. A quote to summarize the jist of it all "Well begun is half done" - Mary Poppins. Would you believe it? Well, I've come to understand she herself took it from Aristotle but regardless its origin a splendid saying none-the-less.

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